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HELP University

Subang 2


Subang 2

The landscape design for Help University i

s primarily about ‘space’ and ‘Place-making’

The concept is to design space as a “Green Catalyst” where an inspiring landscape environment setting can enhance creativity, facilitate social interaction, collaboration and the opportunity to generate new ideas, creativity and innovation. These landscape spaces create sanctuaries for congregation, recreation, imagination and quiet contemplation.


The idea of this project was to “bringing the inside out”— by reconnect the interior spaces of the building to the exterior while successfully knitting the site into the existing campus fabric. Different spaces are layered to create these transitional spaces, which the transitional spaces of ‘passage’ will adjust people’s mood while they move through these spaces and create visual surprises . Each space has its own individual character, where vegetation plays a leading role.


Sufficient greenery is achieved with green pockets allocated along the corridors, especially in front of the building doors to encourage people to go out and spend outdoor. The landscape embraces a serene forest feel with more than 60% of forest species was proposed, with different range of canopy layers, overlapping branches and leaves of the trees and tangled mixed of vegetation


The usage of brick as a warm natural materials at the Ground flooring give a unique character to the place. Brick is a local material which typically low maintenance and environmental friendly since it blends well with the surroundings.

Courtyard at Help University functioned as the University’s heart, providing a flexible space for events, and clear and safe access.The large outdoor courtyard have been specifically designed to cater for a range of uses, including information days and orientation events, cinema, garden parties spontaneous meetings, everyday life and festive occasions; all important aspects of an inspiring university environment


The Green Roof provides space for social interaction, rest and relaxation, recreation, exchange of ideas and create a strong sense of ownership and belonging.The spaces create a vibrant heart for campus life stimulating students and facilitating their participation in campus society and interaction with each other and the environment surrounding them which they can learn, work, recreate, socialise and connect. The result is a modern and inspiring educational environment, which will make students happier and healthier.





IFLA Asia Pacific Awards 2019



Landscape Architecture Awards

MLAA 2018


Landscape Design Award

Professional Category

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