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Monet Lily

Sunsuria City


Sunsuria City

‘A dreamy, romantic and sensual garden in Sunsuria City’

‘Un jardin de rêve, romantique et sensuel dans la ville de Sunsuria City’


‘These landscape of water and reflection have become an obsession’

- Claude Monet


Monet Lily Garden in Sunsuria City was inspired by Claude Monet Garden from Giverny, France. Claude Monet, a French Impressionist Painter is a nature lover. His fascination with painting in the open and closer to nature had inspired him to produce great masterpiece under his collections.


Monet Lily Garden in Sunsuria City was created to revive the essence of Claude Monet to celebrate his life in memory of his glorious days. It restores the power of nature and reminiscence of Giverny. Just like the Claude Monet Painting of ‘Water Liles’ series, the Monet Lily Garden inspires nature and gives great beauty to whoever is experiencing it. The Garden masterpiece was designed as a peaceful meditation garden, within a flowering shrubs with watery surroundings. Meditation Deck at a nearby pond brings residents closer to nature and live to appreciate and inspire.


The layout and elements of the garden (Circular Pergola, Reflexology Path, Children PLayground Pattern etc) was created in organic form to be associated with essentials of the natural world. The 3 circular pergola created at the three entrance areas were inspired by the Claude Monet's Garden Main Alley in Giverny, which Monet loves to plant wild roses. The circular pergola was planted with Thunbergia grandiflora creepers, which gives a sense of mystery to the residents before entering the garden.


The planting selections are ‘drooping leaves effects’ and the proposed plant species are unique selections from the Claude Monet Garden at Giverny, such as Nyamphaea (Water Lily), Pistia Stratiotes (Kiambang) and Salix Babylonica (Weeping Willow), and Leptospermum madidum subsp. Sativum (Tea Tree). Some of the proposed plants like Syzygium Polyanthum (Salam), Syzygium zelyanicum (Gelam Tikus), Syzygium gratum (Eugenia grata) attracts wildlife – birds and  butterflies and become source foods to the wildlife.


Claude Monet loves flowers and was obsessed with it. He planted his favourite flowers and transformed the garden into an inspiring experiment in color. He creates rectangular beds of single colours, resembling multi colours facet as in artist’s palette


He once said ‘I work at my garden all the time with love and passion. What I need most are flowers, always’…..


Feature Gazebo in French style has been created at the central garden with the colourful constrasting colors of flowering hedging box shrubs surroundings like the artist’s color palette. The central location equipped with French Furniture Seating, meant for people to capture the beauty of the garden scene. The sitting areas add a touch of romance and evoke the feeling of French countryside.


Star Property Awards 2019


Best Landed Property

Monet Residences



   ‘Un jardin de rêve, romantique et sensuel dans la ville’

‘A Dreamy, Romantic and

Sensual Garden

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