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Suria Residence

Bukit Jelutong


Bukit Jelutong

Multi-level Green Connector At Suria Residences

Multi-Level Elevated Green Spaces - ‘’Adding more layers and depths to the outdoor room………..”


The primary idea of landscape design is to create a pleasant and liveable outdoor space, where the residents enjoy real pleasure of outdoor living, social and environmental quality, along with spirit of togetherness, care and share. Design approach is focused on making this project green as much as possible with the intention of bringing nature and green gardens found on ground level back up onto the high-rise building, allowing users to reconnect with nature.


Green-connectivity has been created at the podium facilities area with the different garden rooms on the outdoor pocket spaces was designed to create an excitement and visual interest. This gardens are ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Therapeutic Garden’, ‘Hammock Garden’, which connected to each other  space as a peaceful garden for relaxing, reading or talking with each other. These communal landscapes created a series of shared living spaces throughout the blocks. These green area functioned as a  ‘backyard retreat’ that offers privacy and relaxation. Residents are provided with a variety outdoor community facilities such as three-generation play facilities (playgrounds)  with elderly and adult-fitness stations.


One of the conspicuous features of the landscape area is an Elevated new “ground level” that provides convenient access to the green, recreational space for residents. This elevated green spaces, adding more layers and depth to the outdoor spaces – multiplied urban greenery in a tight space, make the green space appear larger, resulting space centers an array of activities on top of an elevated platform on the gymnasium, multi-purpose hall and toddler playground.


There are green wall designs covering 50% on the building’s façade, around approximately 1610m2 of the area using rod cable system with Thunbergia glandiflora climbers creeping up. This ‘living walls’  will contributes in regulating temperature and reducing carbon footprint. It will also  improve indoor air quality, cleans outside pollutants and dust, reduce noise, reduce the solar reflectance of a structure, insulates and cool the building envelopes, as well as improve aesthetics. This green walls stretch up to 17m height of the building façade.

The Landscape planting selection uses 60% of native and local plants (202 numbers of local trees). They native plants will also  provide a system that supports the ecosystem’s food chain such as native birds, insects, and pollinators that are then able to use the fruits, nectars and habitat these plants provide. It’s a natural system of checks and balances.


Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019


Best Residential

Landscape Architecture

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